Luminous Generosity

Teaching the next generation how to party

October 12October 12

October 12, 2019

Our event has reached capacity, and there is no more room on the guest list.

If you did not get on the guest list in advance, please do not plan on attending as we have limited space.

If you are on the list, you will receive an email from us with confirmation.

The pledge of Luminous Generosity

In Luminous Generosity we gather to acknowledge that we are one, united in spirit and the intention of offering our loving energy to each other.

In Luminous Generosity we offer to reveal who we most really are, and
for that we bring our arts so that by their wearing and through their display we can experience each other’s intimate state of being.

In Luminous Generosity we create a safe environment in which we can release the restraints of our daily lives and open ourselves to each others’ gifts

In Luminous Generosity, no one needs to hide or pretend, and, without our fears and pretenses, we do what all animals do: we play.

In Luminous Generosity we play with each other. As a natural outcome of playing we have fun and we learn things about ourselves and each other.

In Luminous Generosity we recognize our responsibility to be tender and kind because an open heart feels everything and is itself very tender.

When & Where
We want you to join us to celebrate our creative self-expression in Luminous Generosity on Saturday, October 12th from 9 PM till 2 AM
at Kingman Studios 77 13th Ave NE
Enter thru the red door by Loading Dock 14 at the NW end of the bldg.
To join us you must be on our guest-list, please sign up below.

We will make it convenient for you to play. We’ve invited Brianna to bring her Dream Machine, Miss Kitty to bring a lavish light installation, and Brent Gonyea to do something fun with puppets.

Music & Dancing
And we’ll make it very convenient for you to dance because we’ll feature three fabulous DJ’s, Paul Knox, Victor Sinclair and Butaca (Paul Frett) who have collaborated to create a sound environment designed especially for Luminous Generosity.
Paul Knox: 9:00 – 11:00
Butaca (Paul Frett): 11:00: – 12:30
Victor Sinclair: 12:30 – 2:00

Alcohol Free Bar
At Luminous Generosity we believe our spirits shine most brightly when not intoxicated with alcohol, so at the bar, we will be serving delicious mixed drinks, they just won’t be mixed with alcohol.

Emma Bryant will greet you at the door, check that you are on the list below, and request a $15 contribution.

Appropriate attire welcomed, inappropriate attire welcomed enthusiastically.

Sculpture: “Dream Machine” by Briana Capra

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